I’m gonna reblog this every day till someone does it.

pls someone submit me one, I’ve had people do it before and it’s hella adorable xxx



I’m gonna reblog this every day till someone does it.

pls someone submit me one, I’ve had people do it before and it’s hella adorable xxx

Rule 1: always post the rules    

Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you in asked, and write 11 new ones

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Rule 4: actually tell them that you tagged them

I was tagged by: perrietoxic

1) if you could hear a song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

i refuse. i will not choose. like, there is no one songs i would want to listen to for the rest of my life. i need a song for every emotion i have so the music im listening to corresponds to my mood. (this is due to my obsession to have the most movielike life possible.)

2) what movie are you most looking forward to watching this year?

all of them.

3) what is  your top 5 of most listened songs?

long way home and amnesia by 5sos, somewhere in neverland by all time low, and any little mix song

4) what is your favorite book?

i’ve read too many to pick a favorite, plus i dont really do favorites anyway

5) what concert of what band you’d really like to go?


6) what is the best day of your life?

not sure. don’t think its happened yet tbh

7) What is your favorite school subject?


8) Do you have tattoo or piercings?

i have double ear piercings

9) what is the reason behind your url?

i wanted a good url and i was trying some cool ones and this one was open so i just went with it (plus perrie is kindof perfect

10) and why you joined?

i needed somethign to do and my friend loved tumblr so i joined

11) did you like the questions or nah?

the questions were great but i fucking hate or nah oMIGOD

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my questions:

1. song your currently listening to?

2. if you could be apart of any band what band would it be?

3. favorite weather?

4. if any scene from a movie/tv show could happen in your life, what would it be?

5. if you could travel around the world who would you like to accompany you?

6. who is your number one idol and what is your favorite quality about them?

7. would you confront your idol face to face if they did something incredibly racist/sexist/homophobic?

8. what is your favorite place you’ve ever been too?

9. if you could have one talent you don’t already possess what would it be?

10. what is your aspiration in life?

11. if you could only one thing before you died, what would you do and why?

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Little Mix were already on their way to making music history when they were the first group to ever win the X Factor UK back in 2011. After months of anxiously awaiting what they would come up with, Little Mix gave their fans and onlookers a taste of what they were all about. On July 1st, 2012, they released their lyric video to their debut single, Wings. The music video was released on July 25th, 2012, and has received 94 million views since. The actual single was not released until August 26th, 2012, but the wait proved worthwhile when it landed the girl group their second #1 on the UK music charts. The up-beat single has also been certified Gold in the UK and in the United States, and 3x Platinum in Australia.

jesymix14 Selfie suzie ;)

Jesy Louise Nelson 

Meet this 21 years old young woman called Perrie Louise Edwards -  born and raised in South Shields, United Kingdom. She is a talented singer, part of a group that was formed in the X Factor 2011 - Little Mix. 

Title: Boy
Artist: Little Mix
Played: 1070 times